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                                         Equine Art


                                             Terri Ibers


               The essence of Equine is captured and alive.




The artist has spent a lifetime studying her subjects. After decades of painting she has created styles that are both entertaining and recognizable in mediums of acrylic paint, porcelain and silk. While the colors used are bold and emotional, the horses possess subtle undertones that further accentuate their strengths and vulnerabilities.


The energized brushstrokes are integral to this unique and recognizable style. Each painting seems to be dynamically in motion. The lighting in each canvas provides its own warm and magical environment for its proud and regal subjects.


The horses are majestic and graceful. The warmth of their worlds, the life in the animals themselves and the motion of these special creatures make these paintings seem alive within. Each animal portrays power and strength regardless if it seems highly active or deceptively calm and still.


The paintings contain palpable emotion. Emotion that connects the viewer to the motion and personality of the horses within. Each painting is a personal relationship, some subjects relate with each other or their environment but most relate with the viewer. You can feel a connection with each horse, each personality.


                                                The artist paints passionately her favorite subjects –


                                               - in motion, with emotion, in stillness and in jubilation.



                   Bold, emotional, energized, passionate, glowing, majestic, alive,  

               moving horse art you can have a personal relationship with.

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