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Porcelain Pendants

Each pendant is a hand finished, artistically customized piece. Comes strung on either hand dyed silk cord of your color choice or leather cord or ribbon in 16" or 18". Pendants are $45.00 each unless otherwise stated. Examples of cord choices on last Jewelry page. Pendants can also be custom ordered underglazed in colors (can customize to your favorite horses coloring, e.i. coat color, mane color, markings, etc.) Just ask. Images shown will probably be seen larger or smaller on your screen than they are so please read actual sizes of each piece.







Soulmate Love (leftside)

Soulmate Devotion (rightside)

1.25"x0.75 (each)

These sell separately for $45.00


as a set (ready to share with

your soulmate) for only $80.00


(large statement piece)


   This piece sell for


Examples of hand dyed silk cord.   

 Most colors available, just ask.

Examples of leather cord. 3mm.

Available in black and brown, Just ask.

Examples of sheer ribbon cord.   

Navy, purple, green and white shown. Turquiose, black, deep red, pewter, seafoam, Kelley green or olive also available, just ask. Can also use two different colors in same cord.

Examples of combination Leather and ribbon cord. Available in black, brown, pewter and white. Specify color..

Examples of hand dyed silk cord.

 Most colors available, just ask.

Examples of hand dyed silk cord.   

 Most colors available, just ask.

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